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⭐For Your Sporty Lifestye | True Wireless Earbuds iHaper

Top Wireless Bluetooth Earphones | True Wireless Earbuds iHaper

⭐For Your Sporty Lifestye | True Wireless Earbuds iHaper

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Small size, light weight and ergonomic design make these Bluetooth Earbuds stable and comfortable to wear.

Are you tired of your traditional earbuds falling off all the time?

Well, we have the product for you with For Your Sporty Lifestye | True Wireless Earbuds iHaper.

You can freely run, hike, camp, bike, jog or more with True Wireless Earbuds iHaper and enjoy superior Hi-Fi sound quality.

Comfortable wear. Three different sizes (S/M/L) of interchangeable soft earbuds included. 

Just pop in these earbuds and they’re instantly and automatically paired. 

Wireless 5.0 technology ensures seamless bluetooth connection with the headphones within the range of 49 feet. 

These mini Bluetooth earbuds resist drips and splashes, even spills from coffee, tea, soda, and more.


Question: Can you charge one while using the other?

Answer: You can use one individually when the other one is put back to the charging case and the case is closed.
Question: Anyone else find these tinny? I compare to my wired apple and the base isn't as good?

Answer: Agree you have to use an equaliser app to get some bass.


Question: Can these be used to watch video (e.g. YouTube) on a Windows laptop and video remain synchronised? 

Answer: Yes. I’ve just watched itv on a car journey on my iPhone using my headphones and they were perfect. I imagine they will be fine on a laptop too as long as you have Bluetooth.

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