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⭐So Cool! Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Monitor | Tire Pressure Monitoring System Motorcycle

⭐So Cool! Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Many motorcycle accidents are caused by a flat tire. We have you covered.

Are you fed-up having a puncture so often?

Well, we have the product for you with So Cool! Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Our Tire Pressure Monitoring System can keep the tire pressure and temperature within the specified range and transmit real -time voice alarm and warning indicator light to remind the driver for driving safety. 

Risk of tire damage reduced. Safe driving! 

Compatible with a wide range of motorcycles.

Supports rather convenient USD charging.

Its 2 external sensors with IP67 waterproof grade are suitable for being used on rainy days.

Why would you risk your safety when you don't have to?

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Question: Does this work with normal rubber valves or do you need metal ones?
Answer: I was told by my head tech that they’ve been known to rip valves out at speed, even if you use metal stems it’s still rubber going into the tyre. I’ve since sold mine and won’t use them.
Question: One of my sensors was stolen, is it possible to buy a replacement sensor?

Answer: If they worked u we're lucky. No idea, sorry.

Question: How big are the sensors?

Answer: Sensors are about 22mm dia and about 17.5mm high

Question: Will this work with right angled valve on tyre

Answer: Yes, I have right angled valves on my bike NC750X and these fit fine.
Question: What exactly is the anti theft function? I have just bought this and it looks like anyone can just take these off and steal them if im not with the bike.
Answer: Think the anti theft device is for the pressure monitors. (The 2x nuts that can be tightened up on the valves). don't think the display unit has any anti theft function and is just clip on.

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