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⭐Award Winning PC Webcam

PC Webcams | 104JD Webcam 1080P PC

⭐Award Winning PC Webcam

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Delight in the brisker and brighter images this webcam produces.

No worries for compatibility issues either!

Just carry on video chatting, video recording, doing an online course or a live broadcast!


Question: Would this be good for twitch

Answer:  Not sure - it’s ok but very wide angle and gives a fish eye effect to the edges.

Question: Can I use it on Youtube?

Answer: Yes, not only YouTube, the webcam also works with /Zoom/Facebook/Skype/Face Time etc. compatible with many apps.

Question: What is the length of the USB cable and how to make it to work? Answer: The USB cable is approx 1m long. To use the webcam you simply connect it via the USB - it's as simple and quick as that. Great quality webcam!

Question: I have connected this to my pc. the camera is working on teams but not the microphone. how can i make the microphone work?

Answer: In Windows 10 go to Settings then Sound and then select the HD USB camera in the Input box.


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