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⭐Off My Garden! Solar Ultrasonic Repeller

⭐Off My Garden! Solar Ultrasonic Repeller

⭐Off My Garden! Solar Ultrasonic Repeller

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Meet the smart guardian of your cherished vegetable garden you have been longing for.

Have you had enough of the damage caused by pests?

Well, we have the product for you with Off My Garden! Solar Ultrasonic Repeller Deterrent.

A motion detector follows all movements to a distance of up to 26.25ft (8m). 

Ultrasonic sound technology deters without harm unwanted intruders like dogs, cats, birds, pigeons, foxes, squirrels, deers, rats, mice from your house, garden and yard.

Have peace of mind! Order this revolutionary gadget now!

Why would you tolerate pests wrecking your garden when you don't have to?

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Question: Do you need to put batteries in it?

Answer: No, it is charged by solar power. 

Question: Although red light comes on with movement my wife and I can’t hear anything only a light click if your ear is right on it. How do I know it’s working?

Answer: This sound has an impact on animals, if you can’t hear it is normal. When you turn it on, the red light and ultrasonic signal will activate for 15-25 seconds. when no body or animals around the products. it will move to stand-by mode, meaning the red light will not give light and make no noise.


Question: Has this product got to be in the open or can it be placed behind a shrub? I think someone may take a fancy to it if its not hidden.

Answer: If behind a shrub the leaves moving will set it off and i think it needs to be in the open. Mine is on the edge of the grass by a pot.

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