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Heart Adjustable Ring | Portuguese Filigree | 925 Sterling Silver

Heart Adjustable Ring | Portuguese Filigree | 925 Sterling Silver

Heart Adjustable Ring | Portuguese Filigree | 925 Sterling Silver

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Magnificent delicacy! A set of adjustable hearts for your daily wear makes the perfect ring. Handcrafted from 925 Sterling Silver with Gold Bath by our top artisans (If you want in gold, please send us a message). Weight: 5.5 grams | 0.19 oz.


History of Filigree:
Filigree is a true art in creating unique jewels. An art dated from the 17th century that involves a very delicate and meticulous manual work of each artisan.
Each fine gold or silver wire is intertwined and welded, creating magnificent and elaborate works of art.
Most of its manufacture is located in the North of Portugal, in Gondomar and Póvoa de Lanhoso, being an art well-rooted in Portuguese culture and considered a luxury heritage for its history and tradition.
The exquisite jewellery accompanies different generations and is an integral part of the traditional costumes of the Minho region.
The Heart of Viana and the Queen Earrings, are part of the most recognized range of traditional jewels.
When you buy a filigree jewel, you will be acquiring a unique piece, one that you will not find another like in the world.
The authenticity and uniqueness are the seals of guarantee that each jewel holds an outstanding work of our talented artisans, the guardians of ancient wisdom.
Each jewel tells a story, and we want to help you tell yours.
Help us to preserve and bring the art of Filigree to the world.

Authenticity Guarantee:
The 925 Sterling Silver marks are present in all the pieces and are applied by The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office guaranteeing the purity of the metal used.

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