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SNDWAY Laser Distance Meter

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SNDWAY Laser Distance Meter - Tecomstore

SNDWAY Laser Distance Meter

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Regular price £30.99

This handy tool is pocket-sized, easy to carry, and the kind of measurements it offers is mindblowing: length, area, and volume measurements in inches, feet, and metric units.

Thanks to precision laser technology, you can always count on fast, easy, and accurate measurements every time you use it.

Use it coolly for interior decoration, remodeling, floor and wall coverings, real estate estimation and appraisal.


  • Size: 112*50*25mm
  • Model Number: SW-T4S,SW-TG50,SW-TG70,SW-TG100,SW-TG120
  • Measurement Accuracy: ±2MM
  • Power Type: Battery-Powered
  • Model Number: SW-T4S/SW-TG50/SW-TG70/SW-TG100/SW-TG120
  • Laser Ruler: Electronic Measurement Instruments
  • Data Hold/Data clear function: yes
  • Measurement Unit Options: mm/in/ft
  • Laser Distance Meter: Laser Ranger Finder
  • Laser Meter: Distance meter
  • Construction Tools: Laser Tape Measure
  • Measure Accuracy: ±2mm
  • Min/Max Value: yes
  • Storage Temperature: -20-60°C
  • Working Temperature: 0-40 C
  • Laser Class: Class II
  • Distance, Area,Volume, Pythagorean: yes
  • Laser Type: 635nm <1mw
  • Single/Continous measurement: yes
  • Max Storage: 30 units
  • LCD display: Larger 2.0 inch LCD display(T4S is 1.8 inch)
  • Air Bubble: Double Air bubble
  • Hunting Rangefinder: Golf Range Finder
  • Smart Tape Measure: Laser Meter
  • Laser Distance Measurer: Laser Measuring Device