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Our Story

Tamas Kormos portrait

Warm greetings from Tom Kormos, business owner from Budapest the beautiful capital city of Hungary. I am honoured to welcome you at the website of Tecom Store an ecommerce site for the sale of Special Gift Items for Special People.

It all started 10 years ago in the wondrous Lord's Meadow in Hungary, estate of a charity. 

Ur Retje

At the time I served and lived with my family at their Training Centre. I was also employed as a marketing manager. Discovered online marketing that hooked me straight away. Ever since I had the dream to start my own online business.

In the summer of 2012 a good opportunity presented itself. Our family relocated to the scenic South West coast of England.

Weston Beach

With 20 years business experience I prayed about what products should I deal in when a friend of mine approached me and asked if I was ready to market gorgeous fusion glass ornaments of Hungarian artists in the UK. It was my A-HA moment! A was fascinated by the colourful masterpieces and the deal was made.

Fusion Glass Bowl blue
Fusion Glass Bowl green

Getting ready for the holiday season I saw making many British housewives happy and content. I was excited to help them ease their perpetual torment what selecting gifts for their loved ones meant every year  by offering these majestic gems. These items are not just unique and beautiful, but durable, and of great value. Since I was offered exclusive rights for marketing it was a bonus for the buyers that the same products were not available from other vendors.

Having settled down In the UK I started my retail business, selling my products in the marketplace, my own web shop and eBay. These were my first Ecommerce stores. Before long customers  were won over by the uniqueness, beauty and competitiveness of the products.

I had a great Holiday Season! Unfortunately after Christmas the market plummeted as usual at this time of the year. I fell seriously ill and had to give up my business plans for a while.

A few years later I joined the world's largest affiliate network to market over 90,000 products and services.

Brown girl texting in front of laptop

The real breakthrough in my business career, however, was brought along by Shopify's ecommerce platform. It enabled me to adopt the dropship model and start the business without investing large sums into inventory. At Shopify all technical, marketing help and tools, an encouraging community are at hand. Most of our suppliers are from  Europe and USA. No more month-long waiting! We have free shipping worldwide and 30-days free return policy.

Skeleton Leaves Phone Case

Since the successful glass gift business I have considered it my mission to help solve the problems of customers in selecting the proper gifts for their loved ones and offer them unique, high-quality, great value products. My present range consists of unique eco-friendly, degradable, compostable, personalized, highly protective mobile phone cases made of organic durable material, coming in beautiful colours and fit for a large range of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei models at affordable prices. On the other hand beautiful handmade hypoallergenic jewellery at excellent prices are supplied. Bundle discounts up to 20% available. Additional 10% can be OFF subscribing to our newsletter.

My company is committed to trade in eco-friendly products thus contributing to environmental protection.

We feel called to help educate children in India who live in deep poverty. 10% of each sale goes to Mission India.

Indian Children

Be a part of this miracle story, dear Customer! Enjoy the unique products purchased from our webstore making your dreams come true!


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